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Updated on 11/11/2012


Cornell University
ECE 4760
Designing with Microcontrollers
Final Projects

  1. OBD-II Autocross/Track Data Logger for BMW E36 M3 (video: hardware, op, in-car) hackaday
  2. 3D paint (video) hackaday,
  3. EEG pong (video) popular science, NYTimes, adafruit, hackaday, DCemu, CNET, engadget, PC world, CBC, Slate, WiSci, mashable,
  4. TicTocTrac (video) Forbes, hackaday, makerbot, adafruit, arduino blog,, theVerge, smartplanet,
  5. Electronic saxophone--1 (video) hackaday, Make, hackedgadgets
  6. Electronic saxophone--2 (video) hackaday
  7. Electronic Dhol (video: description. play)
  8. Building control model (video)
  9. TFT resistive touch screen (video)
  10. Auto-composing keyboard (video) hackaday, engadget, Ubergizmo, DAS M.I.T.-MAGAZIN FUR INNOVATION,
  11. Phased-array speaker system (video: near-field, far-field)
  12. MicroKart 644 --A recordable, replayable, remote control car system.
  13. Battle video game (video: description, game play)
  14. Robot arm for mars rover
  15. Touchpad Figure Recognition (video: recognizer, with POV)
  16. POV display (video: description, demo)
  17. Sign language translator (video description, game-play) hackaday, engadget, PCworld, deaftechnews,
  18. Evolutionary Altitude Control for a Helicopter (video)
  19. Digital stethoscope (video) hackaday,
  20. Power Manager: Remote Power Control Through LAN (hackaday, )
  21. Heliowatcher solar tracker (youtube, hackaday, treehugger,
  22. Cooking Assistant for Automatic Temperature Control
  23. SousVide immersion cooker
  24. BrainMap: fNIR imaging of the brain (video: description, demo) hackaday
  25. WiFi music streamer
  26. Remote Controlled DMM With Minimum Mass Wireless Coupler
  27. Homemade VGA adaptor
  28. Seven day alarm
  29. Pachinko (video)
  30. Quadcopter
  31. Exercise Monitoring System (video)
  32. Ultrasonic Security System (video)
  33. Smart Trash system
  34. Touch screen video chess
  35. GPS Tracking Device for Cornell Engineering Quad
  36. Whiteboard cleaner robot (video) engadget,

updated on 19/4/2012

8051 Projects

1. Auto Control of three phase Induction motor (AT89S52)

2. Automatic College Bell (AT89S8252 & DS1307)

3. Automatic plant Irrigation (AT89C2051)

4. Automatic Room light Controller with Visitor Counter (AT89S52)


6. Device control through Bluetooth from Symbian OS Mobiles

7. Device Controlling through PC (Visual Basic)

8. Digital Calendar (AT89C2051)

9. Digital Countdown Timer (AT89C2051)

10. Digital IC Tester for 74 series

11. Digital Visitor Counter (AT89C2051)

12. DS1620 Based Temperature Controller (AT89S52)

13. DS1820 Based High Precision Temperature Indicator

14. Electronic Cash Register (ECR)

15. Electronic Voting Machine (AT89S8252)

16. Electronics Components Tester (AT89C52)

17. Fingerprint Based Electronic Voting Machine

18. FingerPrint Based Security System

19. Fire Fighting Robot (AT89S52)

20. Gates Emulator (AT89C2051)

21. Home Security System(AT89S52)

22. Infrared Interruption counter (AT89C2051)

23. InfraRed Remote Switch (6 devices + 1 fan) -AT89S52

24. InfraRed Remote Switch (AT89C2051)

25. Interactive Voice Response System For College Automation (IVRS)

26. Line Following Robot (AT89C2051)

27. Microcontroller Based Caller ID (AT89C2051)

28. Microcontroller Based Digital Clock with Alarm

29. Microcontroller Based Digital code Lock (AT89C2051)

30. Multipattern Running Lights (AT89C2051)

31. Parallel Telephone with auto secrecy (AT89C2051)

32. Password Based Door Locking (AT89C2051)

33. PC -MC communication (AT89C2051 + Tx/Rx)


35. PC Based Digital IC Tester

36. PC Based GPS

37. PC Based Robot (AT89C2051)

38. PC Remote Control

39. Prepaid Energy Meter (AT89S52)

40. REMOTE CONTROL VIA INTERNET (AT89S52 + Ethernet Adaptor))

41. Remote Controlled Digital Clock with DS1307 & AT89C2051

42. RF based Automatic meter reading

43. RF Based Remote control (AT89C2051)

44. RFID Based Attendance System (AT89S52 + RFID)

45. RFID Based Security System (AT89S52 + RFID)


47. SMS through Telephone (AT89S8252)

48. Solar tracking System (AT89C2051)

49. Telephone Controlled Motor

50. Telephone controlled Remote switch (AT89S52)

51. Temperature controlled Fan (AT89S52)


53. Traffic Light Controller (AT89C2051)

54. Two Line Intercom (AT89C2051)

AVR projects

  Ultrasonic range finder using ATMega8515

  Capacitance and Inductance meter using Atmega8

  Digital Voltmeter

  Digital dimmer using atmega8

  DS1307 based Clock

  Traffic light controller

  Scientific Calculator

  Thermometer with Clock

  ISD4004 based voice recorder

  DC Motor Speed Control using PWM

  Measure negative temperature with Lm35

  Simple calculator using avr microcontroller

  Stepper motor Control with Atmega16

  Digital Melody player

  SMT160 based Temperature indicator

  Temperature controlled fan

  8 MHz frequency meter

  MMC card based WAV player

  AVR GPS Locator

  Multipattern Running light

  Bluetooth Based Smart Home

  8x8 Dotmatrix Scrolling LED display

  DS1820 Temperature Controller

  DS1820 Temperature Indicator


Cornell University
ECE 4760
Designing with Microcontrollers
Final Projects



  1. Wireless Programmable Pace Swim Clock (video, final packaging) hackaday
  2. Rockband vocal bot (video1, video2, youtube, youtube) hackaday
  3. DJ Multitouch -- A FTIR Touchscreen Device (video1, video2)
  4. FaceAccess -- A Portable Face Recognition System (video) zedomax, make magazine, hackaday, adafruit, electronics-lab, crunchgear
  5. Voice decoder for vowels (video, youtube1, youtube2) hackaday, hacked gadgets, electronics-lab,
  6. Wireless, web-based, cardiac monitor (video)
  7. A Portable, Automated, web-based Bird Trapping Mechanism (video)
  8. Yutnori - Korean Traditional Game (video)
  9. Autonomous visually steered car (video1, video2, video3) hackaday
  10. Step Sequencer Drum Machine (video)
  11. LED-Following K'NEX Car
  12. Rock-Paper-Scissors Sensor Glove (video) hackedgadgets
  13. Ear Trainer (video1, video2)
  14. TI Calculator Wireless Chat (video)
  15. Sonar SensCap (video1, video2, video3)
  16. Keyboard synthesizer workstation (video)
  17. Sonar sensor, air Levitation game (video1, video2, video3, video4) -- broken css
  18. Compact Guitar Pedalboard (video1, video2)
  19. Digitally Controlled Electric Guitar (video1, video2, video3)
  20. Pitch shifter (video1, video2)
  21. Embedded Foot Pronation Detection (video)
  22. Human Tracking Fan System (video1, video2)
  23. Invisible band (video, youtube)
  24. Sheet Music Notator (video1, video2, video3)
  25. ToneMatrix Touch Sequencer (hackaday)
  26. Automated grapefruit segmenter (video1, video2) youtube, hacked_gadgets
  27. Motion Sensing powerpoint controller
  28. Snorecorder with SD Logging
  29. Heat Control system
  30. Paddle-controlled helicopter (video1, video2, video3)
  31. XBee RF Smart Energy Compliant Power Meter
  32. Hand controller for Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter (video)
  33. Wireless, gesture-controlled tank toy

  1. Human Tetris -- Video object tracking (video part1, part2, part3, youtube) engadget, hackaday, avrfreaks, hackedgadgets, (1920x1080 slide)
  2. Auditory navigator (video part1, part2, part3) (1920x1080 slide) Circuit Cellar Magazine Nov 2011, issue #256, pp24-29
  3. USB wireless tilt mouse (video part1, part2, part3, full)
  4. Automated Rock Band player (video) (1920x1080 slide)
  5. Glove Midi Controller (youtube video) hackedgadgets
  6. Automated Pavlovian Classical Conditioning of Mosquitos (1920x1080 slide)
  7. Remote control airship (video part1, part2, part3) image
  8. CMOS Camera Rock Paper Scissors Game System
  9. Theremin Hero (video)
  10. Scanner using phototransistor array (youtube)
  11. RFID sales checkout system (video) Circuit Cellar Magazine Issue #251 June 2011
  12. RFID based Mobile Payment System
  13. Talking voltmeter (video part1, part2, part3, part4) adafruit
  14. Heart rate monitor (video)
  15. Gesture Based Touchpad Security system (youtube) Circuit Cellar Magazine, #252, July 2011, pp54-62
  16. Glove control helicopter (video part1, part2, part3) early version
  17. Virtual Archery (video part1, part2, part3)
  18. Acoustic data modem (video)
  19. Motion Adaptive Alarm Clock
  20. Zigbee Wireless Relay Control and Power Monitoring System
  21. Low-Cost Portable Potentiostat for Biosensing Applications
  22. Point of Sale Terminal
  23. FM radio receiver
  24. Mister Gloves - A Wireless USB Gesture Input System (youtube) hackaday (1920x1080)
  25. Accelerometer Based Hand Action Recognition
  26. Home energy managment
  27. Self-Adaptive Hybrid Electro-Magnetic Levitation and Active Balancing System
  28. Digital Oscilloscope
  29. Optical eye tracking (video) hackedgadgets
  30. Guitar Blocks (video)
  31. Haptic Exercise Coach

  1. ATmega644 JTAG Debugger
  2. Ultrasonic Haptic Vision (MP4, MP4, MP4)
  3. Haptic appointment manager (MP4 lots of wind and construction noise)
  4. 3D ultrasonic mouse (MP4, MP4, MP4)
  5. 3D scanner (MP4) (hackedgadgets)
  6. Gesture Recognition Based on Scratch Inputs (MP4) (uelectronics, )
  7. LED Sensor Keyboard (MP4 7Mb) (hackaday)
  8. Touchpad/Infrared Music Synthesizer (MP4)
  9. Programmable Synthesized Guitar (MP4)
  10. Der Kapellmeister (MP4)
  11. IR harp (MP4, MP4)
  12. Digital Receipts System (hackedgadgets, zedomax, uelectronics, )
  13. ODB-II Automotive data interface (hackaday, )
  14. Traction control system
  15. ACL Research: Foot Acceleration Sensor
  16. Fart Intensity Detector (MP4) (kitecrazy, hackaday, Popular Science sept09, Dvice, )
  17. Dual-Channel Mobile Surface Electromyograph (MP4)
  18. Tissue Impedance Digital Biopsy
  19. GPS Data Logger with Wireless Trigger (hackaday)
  20. Self-Adjusting Window Shade
  21. Weather Canvas (MP4)
  22. Autonomous Self-parking car (MP4, MP4)
  23. Holonomic Drive Vehicle with Stochastic Evolution
  24. Ball Picker Robot (MP4)
  25. BalanceBot (MP4)
  26. Snakearm Multiple PID motor controller (with Wiimote!) (MP4)
  27. Electric Etch (MP4, MP4)
  28. POV display (MP4) (hackaday)
  29. POV display
  30. Alarm clock with speech synthesis
  31. Blackout game
  32. ESD Foam Touch Controlled Brick Blaster
  33. NES emulator (uelectronics, )
  34. Laser Audio Transmitter
  35. Voice Tuner
  36. Wireless music player
  37. Multisensor Data Transmission
  38. Heliostat (MP4)
  39. Wii Conductor
  40. Musical Blocks
  41. Tic Tac Toe with CMOS Camera
  42. Robot Plotter

  1. PowerBox: smart AC outlet with metering and control
  2. Rhythm Ring: Interactive Rhythm Sequencer (MP4 video) (youtube and another)
  3. Trumpet MIDI Controller (MP4 video) (longer 53 Mbyte MP4 video)
  4. Air Drums (MP4 video), (MOV video) (youtube)
  5. Recorder Hero (MP4 video)
  6. Dueling Banjos (MP4 video)
  7. Intelligent wireless pedometer
  8. Networked Biometric Authentication
  9. Easy Input -head controlled mouse and keyboard interface (MP4 video1, video2)
  10. Virtual Keyboard (Circuit Cellar Magazine, issue #227, June 2009 page 14-19)
  11. 3D LED display (MOV video 60 Mbyte) (MP4 video)
  12. BordFree videogame (MP4 video)
  13. Haptic glove (MP4 video1, video2)
  14. High Speed Photography Controller
  15. 3D Maze in a Box video game (MP4 video)
  16. 3D Video Game Control (MP4 video)
  17. Multi-Player Light Cycle on Color TV (MP4 video)
  18. Gesture-driven Tetris (MP4 video)
  19. Remote Chess
  20. Data Acquisition System With Controller Area Network and SD Card
  21. Automotive On-Board Diagnostics Reader
  22. Adaptive 60 Hz Noise Cancellation
  23. Neural Net Helicopter (MP4 video)
  24. Accelerometer Controlled R/C Vehicle (MP4 video)
  25. Robot Arm (MP4 video)
  26. Help Quit Smoking Watch
  27. Electronic Impact Vest (MP4 video) (hacknmod) (Gizmodo)
  28. TouchSynth (MP4 video)
  29. TriWheeler robot (MP4 video) (youtube)
  30. Music Wand: Real-Time Optical Scanning of Sheet Music (MP4 video)
  31. Teaching an old clock (GE® Model 8116k) new tricks
  32. Shark Tag Microcontroller Platform
  33. Ghost Writer Robot (MP4 video)
  34. Rocket Inertial Navigation System (MP4 video)
  35. Guitar Tuner (MP4 video) (youtube)
  36. Scheme Interpreter
  37. Minigolf video game (MP4 video)
  38. Battlezone video game
  39. Laser Simon
  40. Snake Arm Glove
  41. Wiimote Crane
  42. Radio Beacon Finder

  1. Portable, color, tilt-controlled, video game (pictures 1, 2, 3, 4) (MP4-20MB)
  2. TouchPad video game (MP4-12MB)
  3. Laser Pong (mpeg: Bruce and Bryan playing) (, gizmodo, ubergizmo, engadget )
    , Denmark April 2008, (picture of Adrian at show, coverage in Danish newspaper)
  4. Movement to Music: A Wearable Wireless Motion Sensor system (MP4-17MB)
  5. Music-controlled Puppet (MP4-21MB)
  6. Line-following car (mpeg) (YouTube)
  7. Audio homing robot (hackedgadgets)
  8. Model retina: color tracker (mpeg)(MP4-23MB)
  9. Evolving neural robot
  10. MCU MIDI synthesizer
  11. AirJam: wearable air guitar (pictures 1, 2) (MP4-23MB)
  12. USB host controller (obsolete 476 version: USB host controller)
  13. UDP/Ethernet Controlled Temperature Regulator
  14. Dynamically reconfigurable MCU communication (local copy)
  15. Telescope controller
  16. Morse code interpreter, with speech synthesis
  17. Complex impedance analyzer
  18. uControl DVD macro-controller
  19. SD card MP3 player
  20. iPod controller
  21. USB Magnetic Mouse/Touchpad
  22. Polygraph (hacked-gadgets)
  23. Elevator Bank
  24. Pinball machine (MP4-15Mb)
  25. Guitar legend maker
  26. Braille reader
  27. Ultrasonic parking aid
  28. Retractable Alarm Clock (hackedgadgets)
  29. Autonomous Blimp (hackedgadgets)
  30. Automatic pet feeder
  31. Programmable medication scheduler
  32. CCD imager
  33. CalcParser
  34. Firefly synchronization
  35. Graphing calculator
  36. Speech recognition jukebox
  37. Speech recognition chess
  38. Sound Source Triangulation Game
  39. Touch Screen Controlled R/C Car
  40. AppleII emulator

  1. HDD analog clock with LCD touchscreen
  2. CUAUV Voltage Sniffer
  3. CUsat diagnostic board
  4. SearchBot (mpeg)
  5. RoboSweeper (mpeg, another mpeg)
  6. CoolerBot
  7. MCU/FPGA color video Game Platform (mpeg)
  8. Higher resolution color TV
  9. Color TV using two MCUs
  10. Musical Water Fountain (mpeg) (avi 20 Mbytes with sound)
  11. Two-TV video air Hockey (mpeg)
  12. Karaoke machine all schematics are missing.
  13. Dual control R/C car
  14. Guitar Synthesizer
  15. Self-powered solar data logger (Circuit Cellar magazine, issue #198, Jan 2007, page 12 , toc)
  16. Lighting control system
  17. Intelligent multimedia
  18. ADPCM voice recorder
  19. Reflow oven controller (Circuit Cellar magazine, issue #199, Feb 2007, page 46 )
  20. Ultrasonic spotlight tracker
  21. Galvanic skin response meter
  22. RFID security system (AVR design contest 2006) (Circuit Cellar magazine, issue #199, Feb 2007, page 24)(hackedgadgets)
  23. Autonomous Helicopter (mpeg) (AVR design Contest 2006 ) (hackedgadgets)
  24. Voice recognition car
  25. Speech recognition security system
  26. Morse code transmit and receive
  27. Secure LED
  28. SwingBot (mpeg)
  29. SwingBot (mpeg)
  30. Barcode scanner
  31. Soccermania video game
  32. Capacitance sensor MIDI keyboard
  33. Grillzilla wireless meat thermometer
  34. Para-para-revolution video game (mpeg)
  35. SnakeArm ultrasonic positioning control
  36. Sign language coach (mpeg)
  37. Radial ChalkBot
  38. Bicycle computer
  39. Handwriting Recognition System
  40. GPS World
  41. Video puzzle
  42. Chess Robot

  1. kaOS operating system and loader (Circuit Cellar Magazine, Issue #193 Aug 2006 page 56) (AVR design contest 2006)
  2. Keyboard mania (mpeg 19 Mbyte)
  3. Super Breakout video game (mpeg 1.9 Mbytes)
  4. Jezzball video game
  5. Duckhunt video game (mpeg 2.4 Mbytes)
  6. The Contender video game (mpeg 4.5 Mbytes)
  7. Big Red Juice Mixer (Slashdot article Monday, May 2, 2005)
  8. Color Tetris video game
  9. LightRover - light sensing robot
  10. PPP-Palm
  11. WeatherDog
  12. Virtual Pool (wmv 900 Kbytes) (Circuit Cellar Magazine, Issue #184 November 2005 )
  13. AirMouse (Circuit Cellar Magazine, Issue #191 June 2006, article)
  14. SharpShooter video game
  15. Neural net robot
  16. Wireless Electromyograph
  17. Stepper Motor Indexer & Decoder
  18. Turbidity meter
  19. Human Motion Capture
  20. Accelerometer Mouse
  21. Wireless Telemetry (avi 6 Mbytes) (HackADay Feb 16, 2006)
  22. Portable Security System
  23. Blood Pressure Monitor
  24. Missle Command video game
  25. Super Breakout video game (some images broken)
  26. Breathalyser door lock
  27. Programmable IR receiver and Connect-4 game
  28. MIDI drum controller
  29. Vocal Tuner
  30. RoboDog
  31. PC temperature control
  32. Dungeons of Doom video game
  33. Dual control RC car
  34. Solar Tracker
  35. GPS/inertial guidance
  36. Digger video game
  37. Gauntlet of uComputation
  38. CubeSat Diagnostics board
  39. Digital voice recorder
  40. ISREVER (Reversi) video game
  41. Frequency Division Multiplexing for a Multi-Sensor Wireless Telemetry System
  42. Shooting star video game
  43. Electronic Dartboard
  44. Kasubana electronic flower
  45. Bar Inventory System
  46. Voting Machine
  47. EyeSnake video game
  48. Digital Guitar tuner
  49. Automated Juice Mixer
  50. Mega32 webserver (code)

  1. Digital Stethoscope (Mpeg of display)
  2. Graduate from Cornell video game
  3. Flat Bed Scanner
  4. Non-orthogonal Plotter (mpeg)
  5. Mouse Painter
  6. Paint with mouse input
  7. Radio Controlled outlet strip
  8. Autonomous navigating robot (mpeg)
  9. Nova Strike video game
  10. Digital Compass
  11. MiniGolf video game with putter
  12. MiniGolf video game (mpeg)
  13. Programmable remote control
  14. Electr-O-Sketch (slashdot article) (Forbes article, follow the Custom Gadgets You Can't Buy link)
  15. Pong2
  16. Ultrasonic Rangefinder
  17. Mega32 Basic
  18. Music Synthesizer with Interactive TV Display
  19. Laser Morse code tutor
  20. Pump It Up audio game
  21. Guitar Tuner
  22. Beverage Monitor (slashdot article)
  23. MP3 radio
  24. Smart blinds
  25. Keypaw
  26. Home Security System
  27. Bar Code Scanner
  28. Implementation of a (31, 16) BCH code on a Microcontroller
  29. Ball Fight Video Game
  30. Breath Alcohol Tester
  31. WinAmp controller
  32. WinAmp Controller
  33. Eye-in-the-sky (mpeg of camera head)
  34. Xylophone
  35. Scorched Earth video game
  36. WonderSwan Development Cartridge
  37. Star Duel video game
  38. Big Red Map (Mpeg of engineering quad)
  39. Missle Command video game
  40. 3D gForce mouse
  41. Stationary Helicopter (mpeg)
  42. Remote control car
  43. Weather Station
  44. BlindBot
  45. Infrared Tracking System

  1. Inverted Pendulum Balancer
  2. Variable Traffic Controller
  3. MazeRunner Video Game
  4. 6502 Emulation on an Atmel Mega32
  5. Electronic Virtual Animal
  6. Arkanoid Video Game
  7. Cantneroid Video Game
  8. Digi-Level
  9. Reversi Video Game
  10. Guitar Special Effects
  11. Tap the Dance
  12. Graphing Calculator
  13. Dartboard with Video
  14. Memory Video Game
  15. Treasure of the High Seas Video Game
  16. PacMan Video Game
  17. SpaceInvaders Video Game
  18. Space Fighter Video Game
  19. Frogger Video Game
  20. MIDI synthesizer
  21. Radio Control Car
  22. Sound Effects Processor
  23. Battleship Video Game
  24. Wireless Keyboard
  25. DuckHunter Video Game
  26. MineSweeper Video Game
  27. Vehicle Performance Meter
  28. Digital Preamplifier
  29. Tetris Video Game
  30. Hockey Video Game
  31. Gray-scale Graphics: Dueling Ships
  32. Connect-4 Video Game
  33. Laser Light Show
  34. Wireless Drawing Device
  35. Laser Communications System
  36. TouchPad Drawing Board
  37. IntelliBot
  38. Sheet Music Generator
  39. TCP/IP
  40. Multi-Zone Fire Alarm System

  1. Scanning Tunneling Microscope
  2. Tic-Tac-Toe on TV
  3. Snake on TV
  4. Hard drive AVR programmer
  5. Audio Frequency Response Analyzer
  6. Line following autonomous car
  7. Safety-sensor vehicle
  8. MP3 Player
  9. MP3 Player
  10. Simon
  11. GPS AmeriMap
  12. Home security system
  13. Voice Activated Alarm Clock
  14. Russianbloc on LCD
  15. Pong on LCD
  16. Pong on oscilloscope
  17. Music Synthesizer
  18. Club Light Controller
  19. Blackjack2go
  20. Blackjack
  21. Globe
  22. Accelerometer Gmouse
  23. Postage meter
  24. Digital Hourglass
  25. Cornopoly on LCD
  26. Phone Dialer
  27. Laser Tag
  28. Robot Cricket
  29. WindCaddy
  30. Hovercraft
  31. Sound targeting
  32. Nintendo 64 to PS/2 Mouse
  33. Golf
 (Several projects were featured in Circuit Cellar magazine: #145 page 44-51 and #146 page 12-16: 2002)
  1. Fish: Video Controller
  2. PBX (Private Branch Exchange)
  3. Vertical Plotter
  4. X-Y Plotter
  5. Fertilizer Feedrate Controller
  6. Home Audio Control System
  7. SuperTrain Controller
  8. Digital Mirror Message Machine
  9. MP3 CD SuperJukebox
  10. Pre-emptive Operating System
  11. Wireless Internet Pager
  12. Wireless message Communicator
  13. Robot Arm
  14. Tilt Maze
  15. Ultra-Sonic Parking Assistant
  16. Cooking Coach
  17. BiLines
  18. gEECShip
  19. Graphing Calculator
  20. Web-based AVR Interface
  21. Midi Sequencer
  22. ECG monitoring system
  23. Autonomous Tank
  24. ZIP drive/Digital Camera

  1. Digital Message Machine
  2. Web-Monitored Thermostat
  3. Analog modem
  4. Robot Arm
  5. Security Entrance System
  6. Radio-controlled Truck
  7. Temperature Datalogger
  8. MP3 player
  9. Pong
  10. Snake 476
  11. Ultimate Alarm Clock
  12. Beat Tracking Strobe
  13. Guitar Special effects: The Shredder
  14. Drum machine and Sequencer
  15. Digital Thermometer
  16. Digital Oscilloscope
  17. Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  18. 8-Trak Sampler
  19. Serial-port game board
  20. Secure RSA Credit Card Transaction System
  21. Mini Area Network
  22. Autonomous Robotic Cricket
  23. Zen Touchpad

  1. Porche 911 Radio Controlled Car
  2. Autonomous Vehicle
  3. Spectrum Analyser
  4. Real-Time Guitar Tuner
  5. Whack-a-Cap
  6. CU Organizer
  7. Malay Language Learning kit
  8. Fixed point scientific calculator
  9. Etch-a-Sketch
  10. Real-time debugger
  11. VT100 Pong
  12. Home Security System
  13. Infrared Universal Remote Control
  14. Car Alarm System
  15. Hangman
  16. Simon
  17. Simon
  18. Answering Machine
  19. Thermostat
  20. BlackJack
  21. Blackjack
  22. Lego Vehicle
  23. RC car controller
  24. Sinewave Synthesizer
  25. Temperature and Pressure Control
  26. Video Frame Buffer



• Wireless Code Modulation For Secure Communication Using Encryption & Decryption
• Bluetooth Enabled Wireless Network Synchronization
• Wireless Heart Beat Rate Monitoring & A Cardiac Pacemaker Simulation – Mobile Messenger
• Wireless AI Based Intelli-Robo For Materials Handling
• Wireless AI Based Fire Fighting Robot For Relief Operation
• Wireless Industrial Security Robot With Motion Detection System
• Wireless AI Based Mobile Robot For Multi Specialty Operations
• Smart / Proximity Based College Campus Card & Access Control System
• Smart / Proximity Based Employee Id Cards & Access Control System
• Smart Card / Proximity Based Bio Medical Health Card Design
• Smart Card / Proximity Based Human Resources Management System
• Smart Card / Proximity Based Membership Management System
• Smart / Proximity Based Punctuality Monitoring System For Public Transport System
• Micro To Micro Communication – Microcontroller To Microcontroller Communication System With LCD Display
• Wireless Temperature Monitor & Controller Based On Vhf Transmission
• Wireless Motor Speed Controller Using RF Module
• Electrical Parameters In Industries Is Monitoring Through Pc Using Wireless Data Transfer


• Wireless home automation system using telephone line with WAP
• Wireless heart beat monitoring system with WAP


• RF based wireless Encryption & Decryption method


• Artificial Intelligence, Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks
• Wireless AI Based Mobile Robot For Multi Specialty Operations
• Wireless AI Based Fire Fighting Robot For Relief Operations
• Wireless AI Based Intelli-robot For Materials Handling
• Integrated Rule Based Control Of Robot Using Fuzzy System & Neural Networks
• AI Based Fire Fighting Robot For Relief Operations
• AI Based Intelli-robot For Materials Handling
• AI Based Mobile Robot For Multi Specialty Operations
• Industrial Security Robot With Motion Detection System
• Microcontroller Controlled Robot Arm For Paint Spraying
• Production Monitoring Robot
• Two Axis Robot With Artificial Intelligence
• Three Axis Robot With Artificial Intelligence
• Four Axis Robot With Artificial Intelligence
• Five Axis Robot With Artificial Intelligence
• Wireless Industrial Security Robot
• Alive Human Detector Robot With Counter Using Wireless Pc Interfacing
• Microcontroller Based Surveillance Robot For A Military Application
• PC Controlled Wireless Robot Using RF Module With Feedback Sensor To Detect Fire, Temperature And Human


• Global Positioning System
• GPS Based Active Fleet Management - Automated Vehicle Tracking
• GPS Based Highway Monitoring & Control
• GPS Based Intelligent Guided Vehicle with Collision Mitigation
• GPS Enabled PC Based Geographic Information System (GIS) and Routing/Scheduling System
• GPS Based Vehicle Parameter Monitoring With Intelligent Data Analysis
• Global Positioning System with AI


• Biometric finger print identification based security system.
• Biometric finger print identification based access control system.
• Biometric finger print identification based time recorder with Wigand output system.
• Biometric finger print identification based bank locker security system.
• Monitoring of time and attendance with fingerprint bio-metric solution.
• Fingerprint identification based security system for bank locker.
• High level authentication for power plant using voice recognition
• IVRS based home automation with immediate voice feedback
• Electronic voting system with automatic image comparing system
• Home automation for disable persons using his personal voice tag


• Intelligent Industrial Security Surveillance System With Auto Dialer
• Smart Networked Home – Connected Devices With Auto Design Methodology For Modeling A Microcontroller With The Tele-load Switch Application
• Code Modulation Based Encryption & Decryption For Secured Wireless Communication
• Automatic Railway Gate Signaling Simulator & Controller
• Smart / Proximity Based College Campus Card & Access Control System
• Smart Card / Proximity Based Membership Management System
• Smart / Proximity Based Punctuality Monitoring System For Public Transport System
• Smart / Proximity Based Employee ID Cards & Access Control
• Smart Card / Proximity Based Human Resources Management System
• Smart Networked Home – Connected Devices With Auto Dialer
• Wireless Bluetooth Enabled Network Synchronizer
• Wireless Code Modulation For Secure Communication Using Encryption & Decryption
• Wireless Heart Beat Rate Monitoring & A Cardiac Pacemaker Simulation – Mobile Messenger
• Smart Card / Proximity Based Vehicle Identification & Access Control System


• Speed Control Of DC / Induction Motor Using PID / Fuzzy Controller
• Fuzzy Logic Control Of Stepper Motor
• Fuzzy Logic Controller Design DC Motor Speed Control System
• Elevator Control System Using Fuzzy Logic
• Integrated Rule Based Control Of Robot Using Fuzzy System & Neural Networks
• Intelligent Fuzzy Control Guided Vehicle For Collision Intelligent Application Of Fuzzy Logic In Automated Train Speed Control System
• AI Based Fire Fighting Robot For Relief Operations
• AI Based Intelli-robot For Materials Handling
• AI Based Mobile Robot For Multi Specialty Operations
• Instrumentation With Artificial Intelligence
• Frequency Jammer For Remote Controlled Bomb Blasting System
• Fuzzy Logic Based Collision Prevention For Vehicle
• Microcontroller Based Speed Control Of A Vehicle


• Intelligent Power Factor Correction With Multiple Capacitors Banks
• Intellectual Power Analyzer & Phase Changer
• Hand Held Intelligent Multi Parameter Monitoring System – Das With LCD Display
• Smart Multi Functional Power Meter With LCD Display
• Digital Energy Meter & Voice Annunciation With Proximity Card – Contact Less
• Intelligent Power Sharing Of Transformers With Auto Protection
• Prepaid Digital Energy Meter Billing & Cost Indicator With Voice Annunciation
• Multiple Starter With Overload & High, Low Voltage Protection
• Prepaid Electricity Billing Automation & Cost Indicator
• Industrial Power Management System
• Smart Power Monitoring For Efficient Energy Management
• Distribution & Sub Station Automation With SCADA
• Automatic Phase Changer Cum Change Over & Load Breaker
• Microcontroller Based SCADA For Substation By WAP
• Microcontroller Controlled Power Supply For Testing Application
• Power Line Monitoring System


• Noise Less Speed Control Of DC Motor Using PWM Converter
• Remote Control Of AC / DC Motor With Parameter Monitoring
• Remote On / Off Of An AC / DC Motor
• Remote On/Off Controller For AC Motors With Parameter Monitoring
• Remote Speed Control Of AC / DC Motor
• Remote Switching System For Home Appliances
• Dual Control Of Electrical Devices Through Computer Keyboard And Hardware
• Substation Monitoring System - Electrical Transmission And Distribution Process
• Electrical Network Automation & Communication Systems
• Remote Data Monitoring & Data Analysis For Power Station
• Post Paid Electricity Billing Automation
• Power Sharing Of Transformer With Overload Protection
• EB Theft Monitoring And Control System
• Artificial Intelligent Solar Tracking System With True Graph & PC Interface


• Smart Solar Tracking System For Optimal Power Generation
• GPS Based Intelligent Guided Vehicle With Collision Mitigation
• Automatic Electrolyte Battery Filling Using Conveyer System



• Electrical Station Variables Reader/Controller With True Graph And SCADA
• Microcontroller Based SCADA For Substation By WAP
• Multi Channel Voltage Scanner – SCADA
• Multi Parameter Measurement System – SCADA
• Plc Based Bottle Filling Station With Conveyors
• Automatic Anesthesia Controller Using Infusion Pump With Heart Beat Rate
• Automatic Anesthesia Controller Using Infusion Pump With Respiratory


• Smart Medicare System – ICU Care Taker & Life Support System
• Wireless Heart Beat Rate Monitoring & A Cardiac Pacemaker Simulation – Mobile Messenger
• Automatic Anesthesia Controller Using Infusion Pump With Heart Beat Rate
• Automatic Anesthesia Controller With Respiratory Using Infusion Pump
• Smart Card Based Bio Medical Health Card System
• Bedside Patient Monitoring System With Remote Alert
• Unique System For Remote Monitoring Patients With Data Mining
• Heart Beat Monitoring System With Wireless Pc Interfacing Including Body & Respiratory Temperature
• RF Based Heart Beat Monitoring System With Pacemaker
• Detection Of Cardiac Disorder Using Bio-Medical Sensor
• Automatic Anesthesia Feeder Based On Medical Analysis

·         uC based Wireless(Radio/IR) Heartbeat Monitor
·         uC based Heartbeat Monitoring over GSM Mobile.
The design was carried out through the use of two infrared sensors. The sensors check blood density on the patient's fingertips in order to measure heart rate. The raw data from the sensors is processed by microcontroller and the processed data is sent to user over GSM modem/mobile
·         uC based Wireless Temperature Measurement
Temperature Measurement over GSM Mobile.
The purpose of this project is to measure the temperature using LM35 sensor. This temperature is processed by microcontroller and sent to the user over GSM mobile.
·         uC based Closed Loop Temperature Control
Temperature Measurement over GSM Mobile.
The purpose of this project is to measure the temperature using LM35 sensor. This temperature is processed by microcontroller and sent to the user over GSM mobile.
·         uC based Closed Loop Temperature Control
AC/DC/Stepper Motor Closed Loop Speed Control
Motor Speed Monitoring over GSM Mobile
uC based Real Time Clock with (2x16) LCD Display
uC based Real Time Clock and Multiple Device control based on Time and Date.
uC based MMC/SD Memory Card Interfacing. (Data Logger)
uC based MMC/SD Memory Card Interfaceing with FAT File System. (Data Logger)
DC Voltage and Current Meter With LCD Display
DC Voltage and Current Meter With PC Display.
uC based Multiple Device Control based on Change in Input Frequency.
uC based Solar Tracker with Stepper Motor Control
(Microcontroller Board + Stepper Motor + Sensors)
Automatic Room Illumination Control (Microcontroller Board + Sensors)
Automatic Temperature Measurement and Control (Microcontroller Board + Sensors + LCD)
Closed loop DC Motor Speed Controller (Microcontroller Board + Sensors + LCD + DC Motor)
PWM DC Motor Speed Controller (Microcontroller Board + Sensors + LCD + DC Motor)
Frequency Locked Loop DC Motor Speed Control (Microcontroller Board + Sensors + LCD + DC Motor)
GPS Navigator/Logger (Microcontroller Board + Memory Card +PC Software)
RF Control Of Induction/DC/Stepper Motor & Other Industrial Loads
Voltage/Current/Frequency Reading with IR Remote
Microcontroller based Heartbeat Monitor with LCD Display.
The design was carried out through the use of two infrared sensors. The sensors check blood density on the patient's fingertips in order to measure heart rate. The raw data from the sensors is processed by microcontroller and the processed data is sent to LCD display.
Microcontroller based Heartbeat Monitor with Display On Computer.
same as above but the processed data is sent to PC.
Solar data logger into MMC/SD Memory Card.
Microcontroller based refrigeration control system.
Temperature Analyzers with computerized graphical image.
Interfacing. Microcontroller to Cellphone graphical display.
DS1307 and Microcontroller based TV remote controlled Digital Clock.
Microcontroller based Hardware(USB or Serial) key implementation for any software based applications.
Microcontroller and GPS based geographical map drawing instrument. Very useful for Civil engineers.
Microcontroller Digital Access Control System
Password protected IR based Device Control
Password protected GSM based Device control
Remote Control of PC/Computer using GSM Modem or Cell Phone.
Microcontroller based automatic liquid dispensing system. Used in Tea/Coffee, Soft Drink vending machines.
Usb 2.0 Hardware implimentation using PIC 18F2550/18F4550 16-bit advanced microcontroller. (With PC side VC++ application).
GSM+GPS based school kids tracking system.
Microcontroller based Automatic Railway Gate Control System.
This project is to control the railway gate system automatically by sensing the train movement. This gives the visual and voice alerts to users crossing the rail path. This can also count the number of trains passings in both directions per day or hour.
Wireless Digital Camera Controller.
Using this project the digital camera can be controlled remotely using RF Transmitter and Receiver. The controls include taking picture snaps, switching on the flash light, changing camera direction using stepper motor etc.
Construction of microcontroller based Touchscreen Mobile Phone with Password protected features.
Touch Screen GLCD based Digital Devices Control System
MEMS Accelerometer based tilt operated Graphical LCD and memory stick based textbook reading system.
GSM Based Automatic Energy Meter Reading System
Microcontroller based GPS Data Logger into MMC/SD Card.
Triac and optically isolated diac based electrical oven temperature monitoring and controlling system with zero-crossing detector.
GSM based Irrigation Water Pump Controller for Illiterates. (No Mobile phone operation knowledge required)
Implementation of location based advertisement system using GPS and Graphical LCD.
Innovative keyboard construction with only one input pin.
RFID and GSM based intelligent letterbox (mailbox).
Wireless energy meter monitoring system with automatic tariff calculation on handheld.
Image based password authentication for Illiterates with Touchscreen.
Speaking microcontroller for deaf and dumb.
Wireless GoogleEarth control system at Railway/Bus Stations for touristâ„¢s route map guidance.
SMS based remote SIM cardâ„¢s address book access system.
Microcontroller based digital clock with Graphical LCD and Sanskrit font (or Any regional font) Numbers.
Microcontroller based virtual boundary/fencing for Wild Animals.
GSM based instantaneous vehicle registration details extraction system very useful for Traffic police.
Wireless Heartbeat Monitoring and Alert system.
RFID/Mifare/Smart Card based security access control systems.

No.  Project Name
1. Attendance System Using RFID
2. RFID based highway toll collection
3. Reference Book Management System using RFID
4. Automatic Gate Controller using RFID
5. Recharge Coupon Using RFID
6. Library Management System  using RFID
7. Home Automation using GSM (Global Service Mobile)
8. Office or Plant Automation System using GSM
9. Multichannel Petrochemical Fire Sensor, Monitoring & Control System Using GSM
10. Adaptive Car Lighting System
11. Metro Train Prototype
12. Voting Machine
13. Full function Stepper Motor Controller System
14. Water Level Controller Cum Motor Protector System
15. Safety Guard System For Blinds
16. Fastest Finger First System
17. Infrared Remote Controller Switch Board
18. Rank Display System for Race/Quiz
19. Vehicle Speed Measuring System
20. Line Follower Robot
21. Path Finder Robot
22. “YES Master” Robot
23. AC Voltage Protection System
24. Tele Remote Switch System
25. Frequency Counter System
26. IR Wireless Frequency Counter System
27. Stepper Motor Controller with Variable Speed and Direction
28. Countdown Timer
29. In Gate Out Gate Counter
30. Four Digit Code Lock with LCD display
31. Distance Measuring System
32. Temperature Indicator
33. Date-Day-Alarm Clock
34. Versatile Programmable Star Display
35. Alcohol Detector
36. Temperature Controller
37. Secured Room Access With Relay Door With Option To Change The Password
38. Automatic Energy Saver Cum Room Light Controller
39. DC Motor Speed Controller
40. Wireless Anti Theft Alarm - IR Based
41. IR Based Touch Screen Panel
42. AC-DC Voltmeter
43. Punch Card Attendance System
44. Industrial Authentication And Access Control System Using Embedded Smart Card
45. Motion Based Security System
46. Implementation of Global & Remote Positioning System for Defense & other Purposes
47. Data Logger
48. Depth Detector Robot
49. Boiling Monitoring & Control System
50. AC Dimmer
51. Automatic Railway Gate Controller on unmanned Railway Crossings
52. Solar Tracker
53. Traffic Light Controller
54. PC Controlled Electrical Device System
55. Home Automation
56. Autonomous Roving Robot for Greenhouse controlling
57. RFID Based Banking Application System
58. Public Garden Automation System
59. Home Security System
60. Time Operated Electrical Appliance Controlling System
61. Automatic Bell for Colleges
62. Automatic Car Parking Indicator
63. Digital Weather Station with Data Storage
64. IC Tester for 555 Timer IC and 741 Op-Amp IC


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