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RuuviTag | Open-Source Bluetooth Sensor Beacon with 1 Km Range

Ruuvi Innovations, a startup out of Finland, has successfully crowdfunded a fully opensourced Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 5 ready) sensor beacon. The RuuviTag is a sensor beacon with a 1 kilometer open air range and offers unlimited possibilities for makers, developers, IoT companies and educational institutions. The company has decided to defy the status quo by releasing all of their sources to the public.
The key differentiators that set RuuviTag apart from other Beacons are:
Easy, standalone use: the devices can be used without any preinstalled apps.Eddystone certified: RuuviTag is checked for full Eddystone support by Google engineers.Arduino compatible: the software is compatible with Arduino's recently announced IoT platform, Arduino Primo.Multiple Sensors: to measure temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, altitude and acceleration.Bluetooth 5 ready: the new Bluetooth release quadruples range, doubles speed, increases data broadcasting capacity by 800% and bri…